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Lease management EMA+

Lease management EMA+

A simple tool for efficient online administration and management of lease relations within commercial and residential portfolios.

What you cannot measure,
you cannot manage.

Key features of lease management EMA+

Lease relations

The heart of the agenda includes the administration of residential and non-residential lease relations, the work-flow of their status, the assignment of the tenant and his contracts, prescribed lease rates and payments, records of residents.


Basic register of tenants, areas and equipment for rent, attached documents, variable descriptive parameters, location of objects in the map.


Option to attach different versions of contracts and their addenda in the form of attached documentation to lease relations.


Definition and administration of individual versions of lease rates, including assignment of areas and equipment, advances on services, flat-rate services, discounts granted, printing of registration sheets.


Preparation of payment prescriptions for individual periods, preparation of documents for invoicing, registration of received and issued payments, assigning payments to prescribed rates and monitoring of the payment status.


Creation of annual and extraordinary settlements, support for printing settlements for service costs.

Mobile app Leasa for lease management

It serves in particular for communication with the landlord and for updating personal data and contractual information related to the lease, displaying the payment schedule and settlement, etc.
Using the mobile application, the tenant can be informed about planned repairs, reconstructions or outages in the apartment or house. 



Tenant contract records including views
of all registered related data.

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Prescribed payment rates

Lease payments and related services.


Own settings

Option to set up an overview
of favorite items according to the user’s preferences.


User accounts

Access only to those contracts on which the tenant participates.


Reports and requests

Entering requests, complaints
or reporting defects in the object of lease.


Landlord’s messages

For example, changes in terms and conditions, planned outages, and other important information.

Tenant portal Leasa+

Portál nájemníka

Fast and efficient online administration and management of lease relations in the form of a simple and simple web environment or a mobile application Leasa.

The portal allows tenants to change easily their contact details, subscribe or unsubscribe another resident from the apartment, report a malfunction, defect or raise other technical request from the comfort of their home, without having to visit the landlord’s office.

EMA+ editions for real estate and facility management

Energy management

Register of buildings, equipment and consumption locations, analyses of costs and consumption for all energy kinds, EnPI, predicted consumption, planning, notifications, etc.

Facility management

Technical records of areas and equipment, drawing documentation and maps, repeated activities, scheduler, intuitive helpdesk and dispatching of requests for implementers, etc.

Maintenance management

Registers of equipment and technical locations, helpdesk, detailed view of costs and development of KPI values, year-on-year evaluation, planned, predictive and corrective maintenance, online communication.

Industry solution

Technical and operational field of healthcare institutions

Technical records and hierarchy of areas and equipment, management of technical records of medical devices, detailed views of operating costs, records of deadlines, overview of all documents, etc.

Smart City

Industry solution supporting smart city administration in the field of public lighting management.

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